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Transplanting lupines

We have been trying to grow lupines in our garden for a few years. When we planted some seeds directly on the ground the...

Propagating by cuttings: Hydrangea, Dianthus, Petunia, Marigold

I've written about propagating some flowers by cuttings before. Today, I tried propagating hydrangea and dianthus. We b...
capucine (nasturtium)

Sowing lettuce, komatsuna and coriander in the main vegetable garden

We transplanted morning glory seedlings yesterday on a concrete flower bed. Today, I put the marigold seedlings in the ...

Dividing the Bellflower

We have a bellflower in the border garden, but it was sitting just in the middle of a foot path made of stones. We plan...

Propagating plants by cuttings

We are trying to grow more flowers and trees with cuttings. This idea was also inspired by a BBC program called "Garde...

Making hanging flower baskets, and repotting the peppers

We make several hanging flower baskets every year. This spring, we also bought some flowers for making them as well as ...
bok choy

Sowing Vegetables in the Garden

Our raised beds were not looking good because of the rotten wood on the edges so we changed them using cedar boards. Y...

Red Trillium, A Wild Flower in Quebec

This is a flower called "Trillium" which appears in several places in the garden every year. White trinium seems to be...

Planting flowers and vegetable seeds in the garden

We went to the garden centre to buy some flower and vegetable seeds when it was raining the other day. Today, we planted...
cut flowers

We went to a garden centre to buy flowers and seeds

It was raining all day yesterday. We went to the gardening centre nearby to buy some flowers and seeds. We bought a fe...
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