Sowing lettuce, komatsuna and coriander in the main vegetable garden

We transplanted morning glory seedlings yesterday on a concrete flower bed. Today, I put the marigold seedlings in the centre of the flower bed and sowed capucine (nasturtium) at the frontside.

Chilli peppers were transplanted on the west side of the main field, and I sowed lettuce at the foot of the pepper plants. I also put coriander seeds at the border ditch of the garden by the chilli plants.

On the east side, I sowed radishes yesterday and I sowed komatsuna and romaine lettuce in the next line. In the ditch on the east end, I put the coriander seeds as well after I had split the coriander seeds in half. I’ve heard that the germination rate is better when the coriander seeds are split in half.

In the garage, I sowed cosmos and peppers. As we were running out of sowing trays, I used old egg carton boxes as sowing containers.

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