We went to a garden centre to buy flowers and seeds

It was raining all day yesterday. We went to the gardening centre nearby to buy some flowers and seeds.

We bought a few flower seedlings and seeds to plant.

This year we are going to try to grow cut flowers in part of the main vegetable garden which  is the sunniest spot in our garden, being inspired by the idea of the cut flower garden of the BBCs “Gardeners’ World”. Today, I sowed sweet peas and mirabilis after soaking them.

In our plan, the gladiolus will be planted in the vegetable garden as well as the sweet peas. We had been looking for zucchini seeds and finally found them. I sowed zucchini and squash in pots too.

Sowing impatiens seems a bit too late, but I want to try. I sowed larkspur and canterbury bells as well. The weather is not warm yet. It was -1C degree this morning, so it’s still risky to plant outside. 

A few days ago, I found the old photos of our garden. I started blogging about gardening in 2015 in Japanese and I saw the photo of the beautiful Shanghai Choy that we grew in 2016. I almost couldn’t believe that they were our garden’s crops. Yesterday, we saw some Pak Choy seeds and bought them.  I remember that it was not difficult to grow them. I cannot wait sowing them in our vegetable bed.

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