Sowing Vegetables in the Garden

Our raised beds were not looking good because of the rotten wood on the edges so we changed them using cedar boards. 

Yesterday after the wood had been changed and some compost added, I planted seeds of various vegetables there. In these raised gardens, we plant mixed lettuce every year. There were some salad sprouts that came out from self-seeding last year. I had sown mixed lettuce in the garage and they already had the first set of two leaves, so I transplanted some of them into the raised garden. I also sowed radishes, komatsuna, white radishes, Swiss chard, carrots, turnips and bok choy there.

The compost that we had ordered was delivered the other day, but we still had to move it to the main vegetable garden. There is a gentle uphill slope from the car park, where the soil is temporarily stored, to the main garden. It was quite hard work. However, we managed to finish moving the compost by yesterday evening. The main vegetable garden was also ready!

This morning I turned the soil over in the main garden and sowed some beans and peas. I also planted coriander and dill seeds in the edge of the garden. I had to stop because of the rain, but managed to finish what I wanted to do.

I also sowed some seeds in the garage including lettuce, courgette, pumpkin and parsley when it rained heavily. It’s still cold in the mornings and evenings, so I brought them indoors to help them germinate. I put them on the windowsill near the heater and when they sprout I will move them to the garage.

That was my gardening work today. I’m tired, so I’ll take more photos tomorrow…

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