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Propagating Geraniums from Cuttings using Perlite

Outside it's still snowing and icy in Canada, but inside it's warm thanks to our wood stove. We have some pots of ge...

After the rain

The thunderstorm has gone. The garden is wet and the plants look happy. Now, let me take you on a short tour in our gard...

Digging up the bulbs

The bulbous flowers have finished and most of the leaves have died, so I dug up the bulbs. These are hyacinth bulbs. ...

Propagating peonies by cuttings didn’t work

It seems to be common that peonies should be propagated by division, not by cuttings. However, I tried it anyway as I w...

The reason why I prefer sowing indoors

When and where to sow depends very much on the temperature and the space. I prefer sowing most vegetables indoors rathe...

Low Cost Gardening: Ideas for budget gardeners

Were you surprised that gardening could cost a lot of money when you first started gardening? Each flower and vegetable...

The plastic covering has dramatically improved germination!

Some seeds need high temperatures to germinate. We live in a relatively cool climate, so it's difficult to maintain hig...

Bad news! Gladiolus and vegetables should not be planted together, but we did!

Have you ever heard of 'companion plants'? If you've been gardening for a while, you've probably heard of the term. Wh...

Can we propagate peonies by cuttings? I tried it!

We have a peony in our garden. We love peonies and we want to propagate them. Disappointingly, when I researched how to...
companion planting

The risk of repeated cultivation and what we can do to avoid the damage

It’s fun to grow various vegetables in the garden. However, we need to plan carefully, remembering what we planted last...
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