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chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage has gone to flower, but you can eat them!

Chinese cabbage likes cooler weather. If you plant them at the wrong time or the weather unexpectedly becomes warm they ...

Young vegetable plants have been attacked by cutworms

It happened just after we planted salad amaranth seedlings in our vegetable garden. There are a wide variety of amaranth...

Transplanting salad amaranth

The seedlings of salad amaranth (these amaranth are for eating and not ornamental), which were raised from seeds, have g...

The lowest temperature will be 6 degrees Celsius tonight (June 16/17)

It was cold and rainy yesterday, but tonight it's going to be even cooler. The weather app predicts a minimum temperatu...

On the road to self-sufficiency

This year we've been getting more and more involved in gardening. Apart from taking care of the vegetables and flowers, ...
chinese cabbage

Thinning out the Chinese cabbage

We are learning to thin out this year. I don’t really like thinning out. I feel cruel when I am thinning things out. It...

The reason why I prefer sowing indoors

When and where to sow depends very much on the temperature and the space. I prefer sowing most vegetables indoors rathe...
chilli pepper

Mulching for the first time

A couple of days ago, we saw the weather forecast predicting a minimum temperature of 1 degree Celsius. Our worry was th...

Low Cost Gardening: Ideas for budget gardeners

Were you surprised that gardening could cost a lot of money when you first started gardening? Each flower and vegetable...

Potting up arugula for kitchen cultivation

We grow arugula every year. It's very easy to grow and once it's established you'll be able to continually harvest it. I...
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