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Propagating Clematis and Hydrangea

Yesterday, the weather improved, so we did some gardening again. We did some weeding in the morning, and after lunch, I...

Propagating Geraniums from Cuttings using Perlite

Outside it's still snowing and icy in Canada, but inside it's warm thanks to our wood stove. We have some pots of ge...

Propagating oregano by cuttings

I have divided the oregano plant which was very healthy over the winter. Now I am trying to propagate them by cuttings. ...

Successful propagation by cuttings of mint and marigold

We are trying to propagate various plants by cuttings. This time, I potted up some mint and marigold plants after their ...

Propagating peonies by cuttings didn’t work

It seems to be common that peonies should be propagated by division, not by cuttings. However, I tried it anyway as I w...

Propagating Thai basil by cuttings

Thai basil is an essential herb of Asian cuisine, especially Thai food. It has a distinctive flavour and goes well with ...

Propagation of lavender by cuttings…Failed?

I am going to try to propagate lavender again I have been trying to propagate lavender by cuttings. It’s been a...

Low Cost Gardening: Ideas for budget gardeners

Were you surprised that gardening could cost a lot of money when you first started gardening? Each flower and vegetable...

Propagating clematis and lilacs by cuttings

We have two clematis; one is just outside the door of the house and another by the garage door. Last year, I arranged ...

Propagating blueberries by cuttings

The blueberries we moved a few years ago are not growing very well. It seems that they don't like the new place. The bl...
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