Under the maple tree, I transplanted Clematis-Propagating Clematis by cuttings


The clematis I’ve been trying to propagate by cuttings seems to have taken root, so I’ve transplanted them.

Clematis is a very vigorous plant, so it is relatively easy to propagate by cuttings. I took the cutting of clematis in the middle of June and stuck them into mixed soil with compost and perlite. 

clematis cuttings in a pot for propagation

It was the first time for me to try it and I just put the cut stems in the soil and left them there. Most of them started to grow new shoots and only 2 or 3 of the ten cuttings didn’t work. They must have taken root, so I decided to plant them.

Where we live, we have a risk of frost at any time in September. So I wanted to plant them about a month before the first frost to give them enough time to establish their roots. The timing was perfect.

I planted them under the maple tree. I added vermiculite to the spot to increase their water retention. Ideally, I would like the clematis to grow their vine on the trunk of the maple tree. I am looking forward to next spring.

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