Can we propagate peonies by cuttings? I tried it!

Can we propagate peonies by cuttings? flowers

We have a peony in our garden. We love peonies and we want to propagate them. Disappointingly, when I researched how to propagate peonies, it seems that dividing is the most common way and that it’s impossible to propagate peonies by cuttings. 

In order to propagate peonies by dividing the roots, the plant has to be big enough and you need to do it in autumn. Our peony is not very big yet and it’s not the right time to do it either. So I tried to take the cuttings from our peony, even though I know it may not work at all. 

The peony had just started to have small flower buds. As usual, I took some branches for cuttings (buddings).

Can we propagate peonies by cuttings?

I remove or cut the larger leaves and put them in water for a while. While they are soaking up the water, I prepared the soil to stick them into.

Can we propagate peonies by cuttings?

Voilà. I will put them in a bright shady place and sprayed daily to keep the soil moist. It may take a few months for rooting even if it works. We will be patient and keep our eyes on them.


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