Making garden salad with the vegetables we harvested!


The vegetables are now getting ready to be harvested. Today we harvested lettuce, arugula, radishes and cucumbers. We also picked some courgette flowers and made a garden salad with them.

The radishes have been growing at the foot of the beans. It is said that beans are incompatible with other vegetables in terms of companion planting, but this was not the case for us this time.

It didn’t make them grow any worse, in fact they grew much bigger than the radishes we grew in other areas of our garden. Of course, it’s not that bigger ones are always more delicious, but they look very healthy.

We also harvested our first cucumber yesterday and another one today. 

It looks like we won’t need to buy any more vegetables during the harvest period if we can harvest this much every day. All the hard work is paying off now!

I am going to clean the courgette flowers to add to our salad. They have a nice sweet taste like the actual courgettes and I love adding them into our salad.  The flowers smell so good I always want to harvest them – only the males of course!

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