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We harvested edamame!

Edamame is the typical beer snack in Japan, especially in summer, when edamame is in season. Nothing can compete with ...

We Came Back to Canada and Sowed Vegetable Seeds Directly in the Ground

This year, I was away from Canada from the end of March to the beginning of June. I normally don’t want to leave Can...

Making garden salad with the vegetables we harvested!

The vegetables are now getting ready to be harvested. Today we harvested lettuce, arugula, radishes and cucumbe...

Some ginger has sprouted and so we planted it

Some ginger had sprouted so we tried to plant it, although I thought it was a little too late to grow ginger. I prepar...

We harvested our first cucumber!

Our cucumbers are growing well. Yesterday we harvested our first cucumber of the year. This year we have grown three di...

Making good use of weeds

Weeds are often thought of as a gardeners’ enemy. In our vegetable garden we usually remove the weeds as soon as possibl...

We harvested some leaf amaranth

Amaranthus may be better known as an ornamental plant or as one of grains, but the leaves are also edible. We've grown o...

Zucchini (Courgette) had double headed flowers

The zucchini have started to flower, but there is something a little curious: two of our zucchini plants have double he...

Eddo had eyes, so we planted them

Eddo is a type of taro which originated in southeast Asia. Eddos are called Satoimo in Japan and are commonly eaten. We...

We harvested Shanghai Choy (Pak Choy)

We harvested Shanghai Choy. They grew healthy though they were chewed a little by insects. Good harvest. We stir...
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