Planting flowers and vegetable seeds in the garden

We went to the garden centre to buy some flower and vegetable seeds when it was raining the other day. Today, we planted some of them in the garden.

We are planning to remake the raised bed for lettuce and are going to order some compost next week, so we don’t want to sow anything in the vegetable garden yet. However, we also have a lot of space to plant flowers in our garden.

These are flowers destined for our hanging baskets.

It looks good in a rock garden.

Our rock garden is now really rocky and has barely any plants.

This also seems to be resistant to dry weather. We bought it for the rock garden.

This plant is called “Little Rocket,” which seems to have yellow rocket-shaped flowers.

It grows well in the shade, so it is suitable for our garden which has lots of shady spots.

I sowed delphinium “larkspur” directly in the ground, as well as sowed some  indoors (in our garage).

This is a kind of campanula, “canterbury bells”.  It seems that it blooms once every two years.

I also planted turnips and radish seeds.

Our vegetable patch is not ready yet, so we sowed them in planters.

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