Propagating plants by cuttings

We are trying to grow more flowers and trees with cuttings.

This idea was also inspired by a BBC program called “Gardeners’ World”, as we watched back numbers on Amazon Prime Canada recently, and there was a story about a team of gardeners in a huge garden. 

In that episode, the garden that had to be taken care of was so big that the gardeners were working in a team. There was a guy called the Head of Propagators, which really impressed me, because I had never imagined that some gardeners could have such a specific title.

Anyway, he talked about propagation by cuttings and there are quite a wide range of plants that can be propagated by cuttings. Simply speaking, propagating by cuttings means that you cut the parts of plants and stick them in soil, then they will grow. Some plants are easy, whilst others are not. Here are my experiments.

These are geraniums. Geraniums seem to be more commonly grown by cuttings than by sowing. Propagating geraniums by cutting is not difficult. I have succeeded almost 100% so far.

These are lavenders. I didn’t know that lavender can be propagated by cuttings, so this is my first time to try them. We have one lavender plant in our garden, and we love it. It will be fantastic if we can propagate them by taking cuttings. So far, so good.

This is mint. We knew propagating mint is easy. We do the same every year, but we never seem to have enough mint to make  “mojito” cocktails in summer. They look a little sad because I carelessly exposed them too much sun just after sticking the cuttings in the pot. I am not worried. They are very vigorous and they were totally fine the next morning (see the top photo of this post).

Now I am trying to propagate pine trees by cuttings. I am not sure about this. It seems very difficult to propagate pine trees by cuttings. I researched about it online and someone said that it was impossible. 

However, I am the person who cannot stop trying when I am told that I cannot do it. I cannot give it up until I end up failing by myself. So, let’s see…

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