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Transplanting Mitsuba (Japanese parsley)

I was excited when we found Mitsuba seeds in an online shop this year. Mitsuba is a Japanese herb which has a refreshing...

Propagating oregano by cuttings

I have divided the oregano plant which was very healthy over the winter. Now I am trying to propagate them by cuttings. ...

What you need to know to grow strong seedlings

We have limited time to grow plants outdoors where we live. That's why I want to start sowing seeds indoors as early as ...

Propagating Thai basil by cuttings

Thai basil is an essential herb of Asian cuisine, especially Thai food. It has a distinctive flavour and goes well with ...

On the road to self-sufficiency

This year we've been getting more and more involved in gardening. Apart from taking care of the vegetables and flowers, ...

Potting up Oregano

Last year we had two pots of oregano. In order to get them overwinter, we put one of them in the flowerbed at the end o...

Propagating plants by cuttings

We are trying to grow more flowers and trees with cuttings. This idea was also inspired by a BBC program called "Garde...
bok choy

Sowing Vegetables in the Garden

Our raised beds were not looking good because of the rotten wood on the edges so we changed them using cedar boards. Y...

Redesigning the Front Garden

We started reorganising the front garden last year. Before that, a large part of it was taken over by orange lilies and...

Transplantation of Spring Onion and Parsley

The spring onions which I am regrowing have grown into a decent size soI transplanted them in the ground. At the same t...
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