Redesigning the Front Garden

We started reorganising the front garden last year. Before that, a large part of it was taken over by orange lilies and the other parts of it were also low-maintenance. 

Yesterday I planted the spring onions that I had regrown in the kitchen and parsley that we had kept indoors during winter. Today I transplanted Vietnamese coriander which we had grown in the garden last summer and propagated by cutting indoors. 

They are strong and have a nice lemony flavour. We love them as a topping for Asian style salad or Singapore Laksa noodles. 

We still have lots of space in the front garden. I did a bit of weeding and mixed my kitchen compost there, so that I think the soil will be ready to plant in two weeks. 

There is a lavender and some mint in the front garden. I took their cuttings and try to propagate them. 

The cuttings from lavender looked good. 

The mint cuttings are struggling a little because I carelessly left them in the sun for a while. I believe that they will get their life back soon!  

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