Potting up Oregano

Last year we had two pots of oregano. In order to get them overwinter, we put one of them in the flowerbed at the end of autumn and brought the other one indoors. The oregano that had to stay outdoors during the winter has already been spreading. It looks very strong.

Oregano is a very vigorous plant. We knew it would come back after the freezing winter. However, you have to be careful because they are so vigorous that your garden might be taken over by them when you put it in the ground. So I potted it up to prevent it from spreading too much. 

Another oregano plant which we have kept indoors for the winter was in a 12cm pot . It looked OK, though it was not as energetic as the other one. As the temperature rises, it will become more healthy. I repotted it into a 30cm pot and put it outdoors to let it stretch the roots.

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