How to Propagate Geranium from Cuttings

The geraniums which I sowed last year are beginning to bloom.  Since they were placed on the windowsill, new shoots have been steadily emerging from the bottom of the long stems that have already grown tall.

I think I should cut off the long stems to let the new shoots grow better and I want to try to grow the younger shoots on the top part of the stem as new plants. 

Cut the newly emerged shoots at a stem length of about 5 cm.

The roots of the geranium will come out from the nodes(which are on the stem), so it is best to have multiple nodes on each cut stem.

Remove the bigger leaves growing from the underside of the cut stem so that one stem has a few smaller leaves.  Then let the stems dry indoors for a few hours to prevent them from disease.

After that, stick them in wet soil. I think it’s better that the stems are stuck diagonally rather than vertically in the soil. Do not move the geranium stalks once you put them in the soil.

Keep the soil reasonably moist for 2-3 weeks until the roots emerge.  If the soil is too moist, mould will grow easily, so it is necessary to maintain an appropriate level of humidity. Keep them indoors out of direct sunlight until they root.

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