Sowing Lupines in Japanese Tea Bags

 I soaked lupine seeds overnight yesterday (I didn’t forget this time), and sowed them today.

When I was researching the information about lupines, I happened to see somebody’s blog in which she used Japanese tea bags to sow seeds. The tea bags are available in 100 yen shops in Japan, and I have even seen them in an Asian supermarket in Montreal.

The Japanese tea bags are designed for tea leaves. You can put some tea leaves in a bag to make tea. They allow you to take out the tea leaves easily from the teapot after use. Luckily, I had more than 100 pieces of those. 

I am not a big Japanese tea lover, but I was planning to use them for making soup. It is useful when you make some soup with bouquet garni, and make it easier to take out the herb before you serve the soup. Now I found a new way to use them, why shouldn’t I try?

In fact, I think it is a very good idea to use them to sow seeds. They hold the soil and seeds firmly, while they allow water to go through, so they can absorb water from the bottom. 

It will be easy to replant after germination because they are shaped as bags with soft material. I even expect to reuse them after drying them, but not for tea:).

As shown in the image above, I put soil in small tea bags one by one and put them in a tray. It cannot stand up when it’s alone, so they are needed to be squeezed against each other in a tray just like a crowded commuting train at rush hour in Japan.

I poured water into the tray to make sure each bag is soaking wet, and sowed 1 to 2 seeds in each tea bag.

The photo doesn’t look much different from the previous one, but they are the tea bags after sowing.

Today, I also found the Shiso seeds which I planted a few days ago are germinating. 

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