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Young vegetable plants have been attacked by cutworms

It happened just after we planted salad amaranth seedlings in our vegetable garden. There are a wide variety of amaranth...

On the road to self-sufficiency

This year we've been getting more and more involved in gardening. Apart from taking care of the vegetables and flowers, ...

Potting up arugula for kitchen cultivation

We grow arugula every year. It's very easy to grow and once it's established you'll be able to continually harvest it. I...

Bad news! Gladiolus and vegetables should not be planted together, but we did!

Have you ever heard of 'companion plants'? If you've been gardening for a while, you've probably heard of the term. Wh...
capucine (nasturtium)

Sowing lettuce, komatsuna and coriander in the main vegetable garden

We transplanted morning glory seedlings yesterday on a concrete flower bed. Today, I put the marigold seedlings in the ...
bok choy

Can seeds germinate in coffee and tea grounds?

Some people use coffee and tea grounds for gardening. We have put them in our compost for years, but never used them its...
bok choy

Sowing Vegetables in the Garden

Our raised beds were not looking good because of the rotten wood on the edges so we changed them using cedar boards. Y...
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