Propagation of lavender by cuttings…Failed?

I am going to try to propagate lavender again

I have been trying to propagate lavender by cuttings. It’s been about three weeks and there were some green young shoots growing from the cuttings. So I thought that they must have grown their roots and that it was time to pot them up, but unfortunately none of the lavender cuttings had roots.

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Some of the petunias that I had taken cuttings at the same time had rooted, so I chose only those which were rooted and potted them up.

The lavender looked like it did well and grew more and more green branches, so I thought that the roots were growing. Now, I was wondering why it didn’t root well.

  • Were the cuttings that I had taken too short?
  • Was the temperature too low in the shade where I placed them?

I assume that those were the main two reasons why they didn’t work well, although I am going to try again.

When I took cuttings last time, the original lavender plant hadn’t grown much yet, so I could only get short cuttings. This time, the lavender has grown a bit more, so I managed to take longer cuttings about 10 cm or so.

Although it is already June, it is still a little chilly today, but I cannot put the cuttings in the sunny spot yet. Hopefully, it will be warmer tomorrow.


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