I broke the shovel…

These are the rocks which I dug out

Two days ago we finished moving all the compost that we had bought into the vegetable garden. We discussed a plan of what and where to plant. 

We can’t plant any vegetables yet because of the low temperatures. However, we thought it would be safe to plant some seeds such as green peas and beans, so I ploughed the vegetable garden yesterday.

We added the compost to the main vegetable garden, but I still had to mix it with old soil before sowing. This vegetable garden is shallow in some parts and there are some big rocks underneath. When I find some big rocks, I always try to remove them with a shovel. 

The east side of the vegetable garden has been a vegetable garden with the previous owner of the land, so the soil in that part is already in good condition. On the other hand, the west side didn’t used to be a vegetable garden. That’s why there are still large stones buried there. I had taken a couple rocks out when I found an even bigger one in the ground and I tried to lever it out with the shovel.

Then the shovel snapped.

…We are going to buy a new shovel tomorrow.

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