Daffodil bloomed. We prepared the vegetable patch before it rained

A daffodil flower has bloomed in the front garden! 

Our morning glories are growing on the windowsill, but we still have a chance to get frost, so we cannot plant them outdoors yet. 

It was warm this morning, so we prepared our vegetable garden. We turned the soil over in one of the lettuce patches and put the compost in the main vegetable garden. The compost I had put in the “earth machine” composter looked good, but it’s way too little to cover all over the vegetable garden.

I transplanted some chives from the main garden to the little back garden. This little garden doesn’t get enough sunshine, so there are not many things we can grow there. The chives might survive and we have more than enough chives anyway. 

Some of the lupines are germinating. 

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