The Concept of ​​a Cut Flower Garden

 We are watching the back numbers of the BBC gardening show “Gardeners’ World” on Amazon Prime. It’s packed with inspiring ideas for gardening and I’m always impressed by how British people think and enjoy gardening.

I found the idea of ​​a cut flower garden interesting, so I would like to share it on my blog today.

When planting flowers in the garden or making flower beds the purpose would be mainly to appreciate the flowers as they are in the garden, but sometimes you want to cut beautiful flowers and decorate them in your house. 

I worked as a florist for 8 years in my parent’s flower shop and I love decorating flowers in the house. However, when I cut some flowers from my garden to put indoors, the rest of the garden sometimes look awkward and disorganised. 

The way to solve this dilemma is making a cut flower garden.

The concept of a cut flower garden is creating a dedicated section only for growing flowers to be cut. You may want to choose a corner section in your garden which is not the top spot in terms of the visual beauty of your garden.

There are different ways to grow flowers that you can enjoy as cut flowers and flowers that you can appreciate in the flower bed. Also, some flowers are not suitable for cut flowers in the first place. As an accent to your room, you may want to grow some gorgeous flowers such as dahlias or gladiolus and so on.

Since we are planting flowers to be used as cut flowers there is no need to think about the colour and design of the flowerbed. You can choose the flowers that you want to put in your rooms. You may prefer straight-stemmed flowers which allow you to design easily. In order to grow them with straight stems you have to prune properly.

In fact, I am an amateur in terms of gardening, although I know how to treat cut flowers. When I pick up some flowers from our garden for the interior, it is very random. — Well, step by step. I would like to organise our garden better and better each year.

I have a lot to learn about gardening and it’s always enjoyable to discover something new.

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