Are we going back to the winter? A snowy garden, again!

Yesterday, the temperature dropped to minus 4 degrees. Our garage where I sowed some vegetables and flowers the other day doesn’t have a heater. So we moved the planting beds indoors the night before yesterday. 

Some of the lupines started growing their roots. The zinnias and lettuces are popping up too. 

The morning glories have grown a lot just after I moved them closer to the heater in the kitchen. 

My spring onions are growing day by day too. 

The geranium cuttings seem to be doing well. Some of the leaves got yellow on their edges, so I cut them off. You cannot take all of the leaves even when they all have gone yellow because they need a few leaves to survive. I think it’s better to cut yellow leaves off only when there are other green leaves on the stem. Because once they get yellow they won’t go back to green and just take the nutrition and water from the soil. If the stem has a new shoot, it’s a good sign of rooting underground. In that case, you can remove the old yellow leaves to let younger shoots grow efficiently. 


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