Sowing Morning Glories

 Yesterday, I wrote that I would sow morning glories today after soaking them overnight. To be honest with you, I realised that I had forgotten to soak them last night. I assume that soaking overnight means soaking for 8-10 hours, so I put them in water at 6:30 this morning, which should allow me to sow them in the afternoon. 

We bought two different kinds of morning glories in a supermarket which is the only place that we managed to find them. 

Early Call and Sunrise Serenade. Sunrise Serenade looks like a new species while Early Call looks familiar to me — their prices were different, too.

After soaking them for 8 hours, the seeds looked swollen up a bit, and one of the Early Call seeds even had a white root that had come out in the water! I thought that I could plant them now and so I did it.

The instruction on the package says that we should plant them 1 cm deep. They may not like the light when germinating. 
It was not very warm today and was windier than yesterday so we might have to wait a little more before we can do lots of gardening work.

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