Transplanting Pansies into Flower Beds

The pansies which I had sowed in the garage have sprouted and grown up a bit.

It’s not very warm outside yet, so they are growing slowly. Because we still have a risk of frost, it’s not the best time to transplant them. However, the space in our garage is limited and I have some other things to plant there. I decided to transplant them yesterday.

I sowed pansies in the flower beds at the end of last autumn and some of them have already germinated. They even kept growing despite the snow the other day. I assume that the pansies are strong enough to survive after transplanting. 

We have a couple of little roses and I planted the pansies by them. I gave them a lot of water to finish.

There are the pansies that I planted last fall. They had already sprouted in the flowerbed, looking healthy.

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