Turning over the leaf mould (leaf compost)

Last Autumn, I collected the fallen leaves in the woods to use for gardening. The winter here is very cold and it should have been hard to compost at such low temperatures during winter. I think you need more than 20 degrees Celsius for bacteria to work and decompose them. 

We assume that we don’t have any risk of frost anymore this spring, so now it’s the time that compost starts. In order to accelerate the process, I opened the leaf compost containers and turned them over yesterday. 

The compost container which is called “earth machine” looks like a time machine to me, although I have never seen a time machine. It is quite big and fully packed with fallen leaves. I put the other leaves which I could not put in the machine in black bags. 

Turning them over was pretty heavy work. I couldn’t mix well because the container was too big. So my boyfriend and I took all of the leaves out from the “earth machine” and transferred them to black bags. We moved the leaves which were originally in the black bags into the “earth machine”. Ideally, the leaves should be pressed to get smoothly decomposed, so I pressed them with my weight. 

As a booster for fermentation, I poured homemade vegetable enzyme liquid into them, which I made from vegetable extract last year. We expect that we can use the compost in  our garden at the end of this gardening season.

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