Renovation of Raised Vegetable Beds

We have two raised beds for vegetables, but the border wood was rotten a bit. So we are going to renovate them. 

The other day, we bought six pieces of cedar wood. 

They looked beautiful and smelled nice. My boyfriend cut two of them in a half length and screwed them to form the rectangle borders.

We replaced two of the border flames of rotten wood. We also had a compost delivery last week, so added new compost to mix with old soil.

It was a weekend job, and we have done two of them!

We bought 2 scoops of a “diggers” shovel for $90 Canadian dollars plus they charged us $30 dollars for delivery. We are going to put the rest of the compost into the main vegetable garden.

Finally, our raised vegetables gardens are renovated. I immediately transplanted the mixed lettuce that I had sowed in the garage.

They were doing well in the garage where it is getting warmer these last few days. I am going to keep some of them in the kitchen and transplanted others in the brand new looking raised garden. I also sowed radishes next to the transplanted mixed lettuce, although we are going to wait for a bit more before planting tomatoes and cucumbers in the ground because the night temperatures will be a little too cold for them next week.

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