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We Came Back to Canada and Sowed Vegetable Seeds Directly in the Ground

This year, I was away from Canada from the end of March to the beginning of June. I normally don’t want to leave Canada ...

The reason why I prefer sowing indoors

When and where to sow depends very much on the temperature and the space. I prefer sowing most vegetables indoors rather...

Sowing runner beans

We grow several kinds of beans every year and runner beans is one of them. Runner beans are vine beans which have vivid ...

The plastic covering has dramatically improved germination!

Some seeds need high temperatures to germinate. We live in a relatively cool climate, so it's difficult to maintain high...
capucine (nasturtium)

Sowing lettuce, komatsuna and coriander in the main vegetable garden

We transplanted morning glory seedlings yesterday on a concrete flower bed. Today, I put the marigold seedlings in the c...

Planting flowers and vegetable seeds in the garden

We went to the garden centre to buy some flower and vegetable seeds when it was raining the other day. Today, we planted...

Sowing in the rain

It has been raining since this morning today. I sowed some flowers in our garden when it didn't rain too heavily in the ...

Sowing lettuce, checking compost and preparing to sow lupines

Today, I sowed some mixed lettuce. I soaked the lettuce seeds for 5 hours before planting, just like I did with the morn...

Sowing Morning Glories

Yesterday, I wrote that I would sow morning glories today after soaking them overnight. To be honest with you, I realise...
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