Planting Plan for 2021

We are making a plan for the main vegetable garden for 2021. 

Our biggest vegetable garden is almost square. The eastern part of the garden has good soil, but the horticultural soil on the western side is not deep enough to grow root crops. In terms of sunshine, the west and south sides of the garden get the most sun, so we prefer to grow cool climate plants on the east side.

However, as we also have to avoid continuous cropping, planning of planting is not straightforward. Additionally, this year we are going to grow cut flowers such as gladiolus and sweet peas in the main vegetable garden. We want to give them plenty of sunshine.

The courgettes take a lot of space as they grow, so I think we are going to put them in the corners of the garden this year.

The green peas and beans have already been sown the other day. Today we transplanted some tomatoes and peppers seedlings.

On the initial plan, lettuce and radishes would be planted next to the peas, but it has been changed. We planted parsnip and carrot seeds today instead. The parsnips will take a while to grow, so in theory, we could harvest the carrots in the meantime.

I wanted to plant the gladiolus bulbs as soon as possible, and today we finally managed to plant 18 of the 30 bulbs in the positions as planned. The rest of the bulbs are supposed to be planted in two weeks according to our plan.

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