Can we Grow Bean Sprouts in the Kitchen?

I love bean sprouts, but it is not easy to buy fresh bean sprouts in the shops nearby. Bean sprouts are young shoots of Mung beans. In theory, you can grow them from Mung beans. I read about growing bean sprouts in water before, so we bought some Mung beans in an Asian supermarket, but then I forgot about them.

Recently, one of my writer friends wrote about growing vegetables and fruits from the seeds of some food that you can buy at supermarkets. Some of the seeds of vegetables and fruits will not work because they are genetically modified, but it doesn’t mean that none of them will work at all. She wrote that she had taken the seeds from a green pepper which she had bought in a supermarket and grown them. Her green pepper successfully germinated and even made fruits. That encouraged me a lot.

After I read her blog, I remembered that I had bought Mung beans, aiming to grow bean sprouts. So I decided to try. In order to grow bean sprouts, you need to put the Mung beans in a jar with water and wait. I am not sure that my Mung beans will work, but I can still eat them in a soup even if they don’t work, as long as they are not rotten. 

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