Why are the leaves of tomato seedlings curled up? What causes tomato leaves to curl and die?

The edge of a tomato seedling’s leaf is starting to curl inwards.

These tomato plants were grown from seed and placed on the windowsill.

It’s still cold outside and there is a frost warning for tomorrow morning, so we can’t plant them in the garden.

The picture above was taken this morning and they are a little better than yesterday. The leaves on the tomato plants are starting to curl up at the edges.

I thought it might be due to the dryness of the plants, as they are placed near the heater, so I have regularly been giving them water using a mist spray.

However, they didn’t seem to improve until yesterday. I was even worried that they would turn yellow and die… In fact, the leaves of some of the plants have turned yellow and withered.

I did some research and found out that tomato leaves curl up because of too much fertiliser. Is it really because of the fertiliser?

It’s possible because the soil of this seedling is compost, so it may be a bit too rich in nutrients. Still, I think that it’s just a lack of sunshine and heat. We had a few days of bad weather till yesterday, but today the sun came out and the tomato plants are starting to look better. 

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