How to Regrow Spring Onions

I often use spring onions for cooking. Spring onions are very strong and you can regrow them easily at home. In fact, l have regrown them before. 

Apparently, you can regrow them by just putting them in water and you can harvest them up to three times (you need to change the water every day), but if you stick them into the soil they will grow even better. 

I cut off the spring onion roots when cooking and stuck them into the soil. For better results it’s recommended growing their roots in water for a few days before sticking them in the soil. 

It should be easier if you cut their roots at a length of 10 cm, but I have regrown them even when I took them as short as 1 cm. 

What’s happening to our garden now…

You can compost the ends of your spring onions, but it’s nice to have them growing in the kitchen and because you can use them when cooking. 

The Hyacinth flowers have bloomed outside.

The morning glory that I sowed on the windowsill a few days ago has also germinated. It seems that the germination ratio is quite high.

The Forsythia is also starting flowering.

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