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Sowing in the rain

It has been raining since this morning today. I sowed some flowers in our garden when it didn't rain too heavily in the ...
cut flowers

The Concept of ​​a Cut Flower Garden

We are watching the back numbers of the BBC gardening show "Gardeners' World" on Amazon Prime. It's packed with inspirin...

Sowing Lupines in Japanese Tea Bags

I soaked lupine seeds overnight yesterday (I didn’t forget this time), and sowed them today. When I was researching the...

Sowing lettuce, checking compost and preparing to sow lupines

Today, I sowed some mixed lettuce. I soaked the lettuce seeds for 5 hours before planting, just like I did with the m...

Sowing Morning Glories

Yesterday, I wrote that I would sow morning glories today after soaking them overnight. To be honest with you, I realise...

Crocuses are blooming, hyacinths are coming soon!

The city where we lived for the last 6 years, Montreal, went into lockdown in March 2020, when we came back to Canada af...

Sowing in the garage

It was very windy today, so I didn’t do much work outside. The temperature went up to 23 degrees yesterday and down to ...
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