Sowing in the garage

 It was very windy today, so I didn’t do much work outside. The temperature went up to 23 degrees yesterday and down to 17 degrees today. It’s difficult to imagine, but the weather forecast says it will drop to 0 degrees in the next few days. We cannot sow many seeds outdoors anyway. 

I sowed some flowers in the garage where they can get the light and heat through the translucent plastic roof. I planted zinnia, cosmos, petunia, alyssum, as well as basil and spaghetti squash. 

The petunia seeds are the ones that I took at the end of the last season, so I am not confident how much they can germinate.  

spaghetti squash and basil
purple hyacinth at the front garden 

The purple hyacinth buds are getting bigger, although today is not as warm as yesterday. Hopefully, they can survive the frost which is expected in a few days time. 

We found the first pansy flower of this spring today, which was self-seeded from last year.

Tomorrow, I am going to sow morning glory after soaking them overnight tonight.


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