Crocuses are blooming, hyacinths are coming soon!

 The city where we lived for the last 6 years, Montreal, went into lockdown in March 2020, when we came back to Canada after a trip. From the airport, we went directly to our country house located 100 km away from Montreal, where we would normally only spend our weekends before the pandemic. 

My boyfriend’s office in Montreal had already been closed. He has been working from home since then and there was no reason to have a flat in Montreal. In the beginning, nobody could estimate that this pandemic would last more than a year, neither did we. However, after one month passed, two months passed, the restriction has not lifted up. My boyfriend continued working from home and we were told to stay home. 

There was a debate, between my boyfriend and I over the flat in Montreal, which we were still paying the rent for, even when we were not living there anymore. “What is the reason for paying the rent for an empty room?”

Finally, we decided to officially move to the countryside, and we cancelled the contract for the room in Montreal at the end of June 2020. 

We love living in the countryside and we love gardening. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get enough plants and seeds last year at the gardening shops. Lots of people started gardening after the lockdown, and we obviously started it too late. This year we would like to take action a bit earlier in order get a bigger and better harvest. Luckily, the weather is warmer than last year, in comparison to the same time of the year.

In fact, we have just started our gardening a couple of weeks ago and I would like to write a diary about our gardening. 

We normally travel out of Canada two or three times a year, but we cannot expect too much this year. That is also a good reason to focus on taking care of our plants and vegetables. 

Today, I trimmed back the stonecrops to get them to grow nicely. 

There were lots of crocuses blooming already, and the hyacinths are coming soon!
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