The plastic covering has dramatically improved germination!

Some seeds need high temperatures to germinate. We live in a relatively cool climate, so it’s difficult to maintain high temperatures.

Covering the plants with plastic is a common way to keep them warm, but I had never tried before. 

We use plastic sheets to cover the window every winter so that we can keep the rooms warmer. I recycled those plastic sheets as protection for our seeds.


It worked much better than I expected and I can’t help wondering why I hadn’t tried it before!

Even at the end of May, the minimum temperature can still drop to 4 degrees at night. This makes it difficult for some plants, such as peppers, which need high temperatures to germinate.

Covering with plastic not only maintains the temperature but also the humidity.

Moistening the surface of the soil after sowing the seeds and covering them with plastic overnight will obviously shorten the time for them to germinate.

If you don’t have plastic, clingfilm/sarum wrap from the kitchen will also work. It’s a good idea if you live in a cooler area to control the temperature.

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