Harvesting Korean Shiso


When we first bought the seeds online this spring, I was excited because they had seeds of Japanese green Shiso which is a type of herbs often used in Japanese cuisine. However, the seeds that were delivered were Korean Shiso even though we ordered Japanese Shiso seeds. Perhaps the Japanese green Shiso were sold out. The package said “Shiso”, but we found out that they were Korean Shiso as they were growing, which disappointed me a lot.

Korean Shiso is a herb used in Korean cuisine and is often served with BBQ meat for wrapping with lettuce. It has a unique flavour, which is not everyone’s favourite.

This is the first time for us to grow Korean Shiso. I had the impression that the germination rate is better than Japanese Shiso. Korean Shiso seeds may not need as high a temperature as Japanese ones to germinate. Since it is from Korea, it may be suitable for a slightly cooler climate.

Korean Shiso leaves look very similar to Japanese Shiso. After they have grown to a certain size, the more you harvest, the more they grow. Recently I’ve been able to harvest them everyday. I think I need to find more recipes for Korean Shiso! 

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