Petunias grown from seed have flowered!


The petunias which we grew from the seeds that we had taken last year have finally flowered.

We sowed them on 11 April.

Because they didn’t germinate very quickly, we thought the seeds might not be working. However, something sprouted after a while although we were not sure whether they were petunias or weeds, so we left them alone.

This photo was taken on the 10th of June. They looked like petunias. I decided to grow them properly.

Some of the seedlings had buds, and we transplanted the biggest buds in our garden a couple of days ago, one of which has just bloomed as shown in the photo at the beginning of this post.

When I collected the seeds last year, I mixed up all the different types of petunias. We don’t know what kind of flowers they will have. I’m going to classify our seeds more neatly this year.

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