We bought vegetable seeds online


We bought vegetable seeds online again at the same shop we bought in early spring this year.

The shop is specifically selling organic seeds, but it’s not the reason why we chose that shop. It’s because they have some Asian vegetable seeds, so we purchased them again.

We ordered Mitsuba and Komatsuna (Japanese mustard green) again as we did last time.  We also ordered Daikon radish and Shungiku (garland chrysanthemum).

I wanted green Japanese Shiso (Aojiso) which is a kind of herb, but unfortunately it was sold out. In fact, we ordered green Shiso last time too, but they sent us Korean Shiso instead, probably because it was sold out. Honestly speaking, I was disappointed when I found out they were Korean Shiso after they had grown up because I had believed they were Japanese Shiso until then since the package said “Shiso Green”. Anyway, maybe we can try Japanese Shiso next year.

The seeds that we bought were delivered by mail. We just need to open the mailbox and take them. They arrived relatively quickly this time as well as last time.

However, when we opened the envelope some of the seeds had surprisingly spilled out…

It was a bit annoying that the seeds leaked out from the individual packages to the envelope. 

We bought 7 kinds of seeds, and the seeds which had leaked were only one kind. So, I opened the packages one by one to find which package was leaking. They were red lettuce seeds and that package was not sealed well.

Each package of the seeds is $ 3.5 and each package has a different quantity of seeds. Luckily, there are 300 seeds in the red lettuce in a bag, so it’s kind of okay to lose a few of them, but if this had been something with only 50 seeds in a bag such as Mitsuba, I would have been furious.

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