Mitsuba (Kansai) Sprouted!

Mitsuba is a Japanese vegetable which we often put in Miso soup. It has a refreshing aroma and crisp stems. I have never seen them in supermarkets here in Canada, but we found Mitsuba seeds online, so we bought them.

The name “Mitsuba” means “three leaves.” The package of seeds says that it’s also called “Japanese parsley,” which I didn’t know.

We sowed them a few weeks ago, and something has now germinated. However, I was not sure whether they were really Mitsuba or something else, because this is the first time for me to plant them. Since the soil which we use for seeding beds is mixed compost, it sometimes contains leftover vegetable seeds or weeds. Therefore, I was not sure if they were Mitsuba or something else until yesterday.

It has a third leaf with the little sprout and obviously, it is Mitsuba, a ‘trefoil’. It is a tiny leaf, but it is already the same shape of an adult Mitsuba leaf. I was so happy!

The spaghetti squash seeds have also germinated. I just planted two of them because they take space as they grow.

I sowed cucumber and tomato too. We planted them before, but some of them are not doing well. I put them in the warmest place in our house, hoping they can smoothly grow.

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