We are lacking heat…

Three days ago, I started to grow bean sprouts in the kitchen. Today is the third day, but it doesn’t look like anything is happening yet. 

Bean sprouts are mainly grown from Mung beans. You need to put the beans in a jar with lots of water and place it in a dark place (they don’t need the light to germinate). 

Our problem is that it’s not warm enough here. The thermometer outside said it was 7C or 8C degrees this morning. It seems that beans can germinate at 10C degrees or more. So I moved the jar to the warmest place in the house. 

It’s closer to the heater and the thermometer nearby says 15C degrees. 

Since they don’t need the light when they grow, I wrapped it up with aluminium foil to shut out the light. I hope that this will work because I want to eat fresh bean sprouts!

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