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chilli pepper

Mulching for the first time

A couple of days ago, we saw the weather forecast predicting a minimum temperature of 1 degree Celsius. Our worry was th...

What causes tomato leaves to turn a speckled yellow?

We grow tomatoes from seeds and take them outside on sunny days. Last week, after being out for a few hours, some leaves...

Planting Plan for 2021

We are making a plan for the main vegetable garden for 2021. Our biggest vegetable garden is almost square. The eastern...

Making hanging flower baskets, and repotting the peppers

We make several hanging flower baskets every year. This spring, we also bought some flowers for making them as well as ...

Why are the leaves of tomato seedlings curled up? What causes tomato leaves to curl and die?

The edge of a tomato seedling's leaf is starting to curl inwards. These tomato plants were grown from seed and placed o...

Mitsuba (Kansai) Sprouted!

Mitsuba is a Japanese vegetable which we often put in Miso soup. It has a refreshing aroma and crisp stems. I have neve...
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