Making cacti (succulent plants) pots

There is a rock garden which used to be covered by orange lilies. We dug the lilies out last year and there are not many plants but beautiful rocks now, but when you are close to that garden, there is a kind of cactus on the rocks. 

We decided to give a bit more love to the rock garden and we bought two pots of other succulents. We are going to transplant these new plants, but before that, I made mini cacti pots using the cuttings. 

I cut little pieces from three plants; the one that we originally had in the rock garden and two which we bought this year. As usual, I cut the young shoots and stuck them in the soil. It seems that you don’t have to water them when you do this with cacti. You don’t even need to have good soil either. You just need to have free draining soil or sand. 

I put roughly crumbled styrofoam in the bottom of the pots, filled the pots up with a mixture of soil and grit and then spread some sharp sand on the top. Actually, I didn’t really stick the succulent plant cuttings into the pots. I only put them on the sand in the pots. No watering, but they should start rooting in a few days according to what I researched. It was so easy, and they look nice and cute!

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