Potting up arugula for kitchen cultivation

We grow arugula every year. It’s very easy to grow and once it’s established you’ll be able to continually harvest it. I thought it would be a great idea to grow arugula on the windowsill of our kitchen to use them for a quick salad and it would look nice too.

The photo was taken on May 12, 2021.

Our kitchen faces east, so we get a lot of morning sun. The arugula and komatsuna were sown on the windowsill.

They grew well, and in about 10 days after sowing, they looked like this.

This is komatsuna. It’s quite crowded. I didn’t expect that most of the seeds would work when I was sowing, so I planted too densely. They are OK if you eat their sprouts, but I want to grow them, and how can they grow with this density? 

You may say that we should thin them out, but it’s even difficult to thin them out when they are so crowded, and my boyfriend and I are a couple who don’t have a lot of experience thinning the plants out.

Veteran gardeners always advise that you should thin them out after the vegetable germinates. We know it, but in fact, we hardly ever thin our plants out. Honestly, I cannot find the reason why we have to thin them out. We are amateur gardeners and we are growing plants for fun, so we always do minimum thinning only when it’s necessary.

When I have grown vegetables like this (the photos above), I know we should thin them out but I don’t know which shoots to thin out, because they are all so vigorous. Even if I thin them out they will still be too crowded to grow them in the kitchen, so I decided to pot them up.

I didn’t have rectangular containers of the right size, so I recycled things.

This is a 2 litre milk carton. I transplanted arugula giving them more space.

This is a box of crackers imported from the Philippines. It’s surprisingly cute with a handle, isn’t it? I think it’s going to look even nicer as the arugula grows well.

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