Thinning out the Chinese cabbage

We are learning to thin out this year. 

I don’t really like thinning out. I feel cruel when I am thinning things out. It’s kind of difficult to do it, but it’s not so bad when you can eat the ones you have thinned out.

This is where we plant arugula and mix lettuce every year. The seeds from the previous year germinate and sprout in spring, so we assumed they were arugula again this time too, but on closer inspection, I realised that they were Chinese cabbage.
Last year we planted Chinese cabbage here. Maybe it was not the right time to plant cabbage, and they flowered. They must have been self-seeded after flowering.
We like to eat Chinese cabbage, but we don’t need this many. It’s also too crowded for them to grow. So I decided to thin them out so that we can plant more arugula instead.
We had a good harvest. The young shoots of the thinned Chinese cabbage will be used for soup, stir-fry or namul (Korean dish).

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