Successful propagation by cuttings of mint and marigold

We are trying to propagate various plants by cuttings. This time, I potted up some mint and marigold plants after their cuttings had rooted.

Here is the mint. It’s been about two weeks since I took the cuttings. The roots are coming out well. I potted it up immediately. The success rate of propagating mint is almost 100%.

This is Marigold. It is about three weeks after taking cuttings, and the roots are growing. One or two of the cuttings have died. I would say the success rate is about 75%.

I potted up the marigolds and will grow them more in pots before planting them in the garden.

Marigolds are easy to grow from seed, but it is also convenient to grow them from cuttings. If you buy your favourite marigold seedlings and take cuttings to stick in the soil, they will flower sooner than if you grow them from seeds. We may try to take more cuttings next year.

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