Propagating clematis and lilacs by cuttings

We have two clematis; one is just outside the door of the house and another by the garage door.

Last year, I arranged them as cut flowers when they were in bloom, and I remembered that they were very vigorous. I have an impression that it may not be difficult to propagate them by cuttings.

I am not sure if it’s the right time to take cuttings now that it’s just starting to grow new branches, but I decided to give it a try anyway. If I fail, I will try again in autumn.

We also have two lilac trees, one near the entrance to the property and another in the middle of the garden. They seem to be different types as the flowers have different colours and shapes.

The one at the entrance doesn’t get enough sun and the flowers only appear on higher branches. The tree itself doesn’t look so strong. Therefore, I tried to propagate that one.

I have taken cuttings of both the clematis and the lilac at about 10-15cm long.

I put them in well-moistened soil and we’ll observe how they grow. Hopefully they will take root in a few weeks.

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