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The geranium cuttings have taken root and I’ve potted them up!

I've been taking cuttings of geraniums for a month now, so I decided to pot them up as I thought they should have taken ...

Can we propagate peonies by cuttings? I tried it!

We have a peony in our garden. We love peonies and we want to propagate them. Disappointingly, when I researched how to...

Propagating by cuttings: Hydrangea, Dianthus, Petunia, Marigold

I've written about propagating some flowers by cuttings before. Today, I tried propagating hydrangea and dianthus. We b...

Dividing the Bellflower

We have a bellflower in the border garden, but it was sitting just in the middle of a foot path made of stones. We plan...

Making cacti (succulent plants) pots

There is a rock garden which used to be covered by orange lilies. We dug the lilies out last year and there are not many...

Propagating plants by cuttings

We are trying to grow more flowers and trees with cuttings. This idea was also inspired by a BBC program called "Garde...

How to Propagate Geranium from Cuttings

The geraniums which I sowed last year are beginning to bloom. Since they were placed on the windowsill, new shoots have...
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