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We harvested Shanghai Choy (Pak Choy)

We harvested Shanghai Choy. They grew healthy though they were chewed a little by insects. Good harvest. We stir...

How to avoid pests in my garden: the things that I am doing

Our vegetables were attacked by cutworms, but cutworms are not the only ones who damage our crops. These are Korean Shi...

Harvesting Korean Shiso

When we first bought the seeds online this spring, I was excited because they had seeds of Japanese green Shiso which is...

We bought vegetable seeds online

We bought vegetable seeds online again at the same shop we bought in early spring this year. The shop is specifically s...

After the rain

The thunderstorm has gone. The garden is wet and the plants look happy. Now, let me take you on a short tour in our gard...

Transplanting Mitsuba (Japanese parsley)

I was excited when we found Mitsuba seeds in an online shop this year. Mitsuba is a Japanese herb which has a refreshing...

Propagating oregano by cuttings

I have divided the oregano plant which was very healthy over the winter. Now I am trying to propagate them by cuttings. ...

Digging up the bulbs

The bulbous flowers have finished and most of the leaves have died, so I dug up the bulbs. These are hyacinth bulbs. ...
chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage has gone to flower, but you can eat them!

Chinese cabbage likes cooler weather. If you plant them at the wrong time or the weather unexpectedly becomes warm they ...

Young vegetable plants have been attacked by cutworms

It happened just after we planted salad amaranth seedlings in our vegetable garden. There are a wide variety of amaranth...
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